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Turbo & Compressor Maintenance

Over 25 years of experience and a successful track record completing over 1,000 outages annually on heavy-duty rotating equipment...
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plant asset service

Plant Asset Service

Granite Services has over 6,000 field engineers, technicians, and electrical and mechanical craftsmen located around the world available to be trained on your equipment...
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Installation Specialty Contractor

Turbo & Compressor Maintenance

Our Plant Asset Services offering was founded by our customers and their goal to achieve best in class availability of rotating equipment...
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Authorized Service Provider

Plant Asset Service

Granite's Specialty Contractor services for installation of heavy duty gas turbines, steam turbines, and compressors fill the gap between OEM technical direction and general construction more»

Services to Parent Company

GE Service

As a wholly owned affiliate, Granite technicians are deployed by many divisions of General Electric (GE). Our technicians are trained to rigorous standards and are deployed around the world, supporting technologies such as wind, nuclear, aeroderivatives, and water treatment. The Granite workforce model provides readiness around the world in multiple industries and is able to adjust to changes in demand...
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Granite is a wholly owned affiliate of the General Electric Company, and works with GE Power, Oil & Gas, and Energy Management on over 2,000 projects every year.

GE Affiliate - Power & Water


Granite's achievements are based on high impact activities and uncrompromised values.

Granite Safety

The health and safety of our employees, offshore and onshore, as well as great concern for the environment, is given first priority in our daily more»