FieldCore Leadership and Structure

Mike Adams
leads FieldCore as President & CEO. He is passionate about field services, strives for a culture of collaboration and accountability, and has deep expertise in field operations. He is a field engineer at heart, starting his GE career as one in 1989. He has worked for both GE and Alstom, and knows our combined operations and technologies extremely well. In GE, he held a variety of roles, including general manager of global operations for Power Generation Services, which oversaw the field services team. In Alstom Thermal Services, he led the global service network. Most recently, Mike was the integration leader for Power Services. Randy Willis continues to lead Granite Services through transition and supports Mike as he develops the FieldCore organization.

FieldCore aligns to Power Services under the Global Operations team; however FieldCore is independently operated and has its own Board of Directors that controls its strategy and operations. In addition to his role of President and CEO, Mike serves as Chairman of the Board. FieldCore’s organization structure is designed with a renewed focus on field services operating excellence, outage management and customer fulfillment. FieldCore is headquartered in Atlanta and maintains a strong presence in Tampa and each region.

What Happens Next

Over the next few months, Mike will develop the organization design, as well as transition timelines and plans to combine our field services employees and capabilities by region₁ into FieldCore to ensure business continuity for our customers. FieldCore will represent a significant transformation for how Power Services operates today, and we anticipate operations will begin in the second half of 2017 in most of the world₁.

Executing for our customers and helping them deliver productive outcomes remain at the core of what we do. The formation of the FieldCore organization is the first step in creating the best field services company with field engineers at its center.

₁Power Services will continue to provide its current field services capabilities in Europe, while it continues to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing field service model and organization design in Europe. At this time, Power Services is not proposing to include the field services operations in Europe in the FieldCore organization. Any proposal would be discussed with employee representatives, as appropriate and where required by law, before any final decisions are made.
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