Safety Is Our First Priority

Granite is devoted to the principle of NO HARM to people, property and the environment.  We foster a culture that promotes the safety and wellness of our employees; protects the environment; ensures compliance; delivers value to our business, customers and communities; enhances Granite’s reputation and distinguishes us as a responsible company.  We have an unwavering commitment to compliance and regulatory excellence and firmly believe in engagement at all levels of our business.  Our commitment to Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)  is a key component in achieving excellence!

Our employees and contractors are empowered to use Stop Work Authority where they feel there is potential for harm or loss.  Collectively, we maintain an environment that is safe and healthy and where everyone plays their part in preventing accidents.  Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in environment, health and safety.

In 2016, we set a goal to decrease the injury and illness (I&I) incidence rate by 50%. At year end, with nearly 11 million man hours worked, we achieved an  I&I rate of 0.37.  We are proud to share that we exceeded our target reduction.  Our goal is zero accidents, which we aim to achieve by continuously improving our processes.